Location & Jurisdiction


The Cochin Custom House is located at North End, Willingdon Island, Cochin, Kerala, India, PIN 682 009


The jurisdictional area of this Custom House are:-

Port of Cochin, Cochin Airport, CEZ and Customs formation under the area under the jurisdicion of GCDA

The Customs Stations within the jurisdiction of the Custom House are: -

  • Cochin Seaport INCOK1CPT1
  • Cochin International Airport (CIAL)
  • Air Cargo Complex, Nedumpassery INCOK4
  • International Container Transhipment Terminal( ICTT), Vallarpadom INCOKIGT1
  • Container Freight Station (Kerala State Warehousing Corporation, Petta) INCOK1 PET1
  • Container Freight Station (Falcon) INCOK1 FAL1
  • Container Freight Station (Asian Terminal) INCOK1AST1
  • Container Freight Station (Gateway Distriparks ) INCOK1 GDL1
  • Container Freight Station (Q10,Port)INCOK1 CPC1
  • Container Freight Station (MIV Logistics) INCOK1 MLP1
  • Container Freight Stattion ( CONCOR) INCOK1CON1
  • Cochin Shipyard
  • Postal Appraising Department at the Foreign Post Office

Click on the link given below for the Map of Greater Cochin Development Authority Area indicating the jurisdictional area:

Map of Greater Cochin Development Authority Area