Trade Notices Year 2005

TF 06 2005 19-12-2012 Appointment of Custodian View file
TF 18 2005 30-11-2005 Movement of FCL Export Containers at Pre Stage area View file
TF 17 2005 18-11-2005 Numbering of Export packages procedure View file
TF 16 2005 09-11-2005 Collection of Customs duty and Cess Extension of working hours of the Bank View file
TF 14 2005 18-10-2005 Appeals Amendment Procedure View file
TF 15 2005 18-10-2005 Movement and storage of Cashew Containers at CONCOR yard View file
TF 13 2005 06-10-2005 Starting of Courier operations through Cochin International Airport View file
TF 12 2005 01-09-2005 Payment of Textiles Committee Cess through SBI View file
TF 11 2005 31-08-2005 Inclusion of break up of Dutties and account head in TR 6 Challan View file
TF 10 2005 20-07-2005 Enlargement of scope of PTFC to cover issues relating to Jt. DGFT View file
TF 08 2005 10-05-2005 Directions of the Spices Board on export of turmeric powder and mandatory registration of exporters View file
TF 09 2005 10-05-2005 Procedure for movement of Import Cargo from Port to CFS View file
TF 07 2005 03-05-2005 BRC verification Module for EDI View file
TF 05 2005 09-03-2005 Implementation of SW for Transhipment cargo from Port to Port, ICD, CFS ,ICD View file
TF 04 2005 16-02-2005 Filing of Import Manifest before arrival of vessel View file
TF 02 2005 11-02-2005 Implementaion of SW for Transhipment cargo from Prot to Port, ICD, CFS1.5 at Cochin Customs View file
TF 03 2005 11-02-2005 Procedure for movement of Import Cargo from Port to CFS View file
TF 01 2005 28-01-2005 De stuffing of import metal scrap at CONCORD yard View file