Trade Notices Year 2013

TF 38 2013 19-12-2013 Implementation of Risk Management System (RMS) in Exports - Clarifications View file
TF 37 2013 12-12-2013 Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972- Procedure for clearance from the Wild life Control Bureau View file
TF 35 2013 11-12-2013 Cochin Port Container Freight Station, Willington Island, Cochin - procedure to be followed in respect of import, export and transshipment cargo and the movement of containers into and out of the Container Freight Station View file
TF 36 2013 09-12-2013 Verification of genuineness of Duty credit scrips – Simplification of procedures View file
Corrigendum to TF 34 2013 02-12-2013 Corrigendum to Trade Facility No.34/2013 View file
TF 34 2013 28-11-2013 Implementation of Risk Management System (RMS) in Exports View file
TF 33 2013 20-11-2013 Implementation of Risk Management System (RMS) in Imports at Air Cargo Complex View file
TF 32 2013 01-11-2013 Clustering of Cochin Custom House with ACC View file
TF 31 2013 29-10-2013 Simplified procedure for movement of Import containers from ICTT, Vallarpadom port to CFSs View file
TF 30 2013 11-10-2013 Use of importer Exporter Code (IEC) number allotted to one person by the other Importers/Exporters View file
TF 29 2013 25-09-2013 Clearance of Passenger Baggage – Instructions View file
TF 28 2013 19-09-2013 Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) Act, 1972 View file
TF 27 2013 10-09-2013 Disaster Recovery Simulation Drill View file
TF 26 2013 03-09-2013 Establishment of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) View file
TF 25 2013 13-08-2013 Commencement of operations of M/s. Petronet LNG Ltd. at Puthuvypeen SEZ – Customs Procedures View file
TF 23 2013 08-08-2013 Liquor as part of Baggage – Instructions View file
TF 24 2013 08-08-2013 Norms for levy of charges by Console Agents/Freight Forwarders View file
TF 22 2013 08-07-2013 Customs Brokers–Amendments in Section 146, Section 146A and Section 147 of the Customs Act, 1962 and the Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations,2013 View file
TF 21 2013 06-06-2013 ICES 1.5 and ICEGATE-maintenance activity View file
TF 19 2013 31-05-2013 Procedure of post-shipment amendments are governed under section 149 of the Customs Act, 1962 View file
TF 20 2013 31-05-2013 Name/Code of the CFS is required to be mentioned against each line in the IGM View file
TF 18 2013 24-05-2013 Bills of Entry covered under application of Drugs & Cosmetics Act and Rules, including those for imports for non-medical use, irrespective of whether it is chemical, drug or cosmetic shall be referred to the concerned Port Officers for their opinion as per the Drugs & Cosmetics Act and Rules. View file
TF 17 2013 23-05-2013 Streamlined & simplified customs procedures for supply of fuel (bunkering), ship stores, provisions and fresh water to vessels at Cochin Port View file
TF 16 2013 17-05-2013 Implementation of Gate Module from 21.05.2012 at the ICTT, Movement Containers from/to ICTT,Facility for 'LEO' from ICTT for House stuffed containers View file
TF 15 2013 10-05-2013 ICES 1.5 and ICEGATE - Maintenance activity View file
TF 14 2013 09-05-2013 Import consignments of Newsprint cleared only upon production of provisional/Regular/Enhanced EC, by the publishers/owners of the Newspapers/Periodicals View file
TF 13 2013 18-04-2013 ICES 1.5 and ICEGATE - maintenance activity View file
TF 12 2013 05-04-2013 M/s.Cochin International Container Freight Station, Eloor, Ernakulam District, Kerala, Pin – 683501 - procedures to be followed in respect of import, export and transshipment cargo and the movement of containers into and out of the container freight station View file
TF 11 2013 28-03-2013 Opening of offices during the last week of the March, 2013 View file
TF 08 2013 18-03-2013 Import and Registration of Cosmetics View file
TF 10 2013 18-03-2013 Customs House shall be working on all days including the Holiday on 29th and on 30th & 31st March, 2013 View file
TF 09 2013 18-03-2013 Clearance of Unaccompanied Baggage View file
TF 07 2013 08-03-2013 Procedure for examination for House Stuffed/Factory Stuffed/ Central Excise supervised export cargo View file
TF 06 2013 11-02-2013 Requirement of No Objection Certificate from Asst. Drugs Controller as per the provisions of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act/ Rules View file
TF 05 2013 07-02-2013 Container Freight Station of M/s. Gateway Distriparks (Kerala) Ltd, Vallarpadam- Permanent Storage Facility View file
TF 04 2013 23-01-2013 Constitution of Export Documentation Center View file
TF 02 2013 10-01-2013 Handling of Cargo in Customs Area Regulations Publication of charges by Customs Cargo Service View file
TF 03 2013 10-01-2013 Examination,Inspection of goods under import without Delivery Order View file
TF 01 2013 08-01-2013 Temporary shutdown of ICES from from 11 01 2013 to 13 01 2013 View file