Trade Notices Year 2017

TF17/2017 06-11-2017 Validation of Bank Accounts in Public Financial Management System ( PFMS) for speedy & smooth disbursal of IGST ( Integrated Goods & Service Tax) Export Refund View file
TF16/2017 01-11-2017 Implementing Electronic Sealing for Containers by exporters under self sealing procedure prescribed by Circular 26/2017-Cus dated 1st July 2017 , Circular 30/2017 dated 28-8-2017 and 37/2017 dated 20-09-2017 View file
TF15/2017 30-10-2017 Manual Filing of EGM by shipping lines - Refund of Integrated Goods and Services Tax paid on exports made during the month of July View file
TF14/2017 10-10-2017 Addressing the issues related IGST Refunds View file
TF13/2017 06-10-2017 Amendments made to the Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into India) Order, 2003 –Reg. View file
TF12/2017 05-10-2017 Board Notification No. 91/2017-Customs (N.T) dated 26.09.2017 and Circular No.39/2017 -Customs dated 26.09.2017 on the amendment of Customs Valuation (Determination of value of imported goods) Rules- Reg View file
TF11/2017 03-10-2017 Procedure for grant of self sealing permission (SSP) to the exporters in GST regime consequent to CBEC Circulara No.26/2017-Customs dated 01/07/2017 , Circular No.36/2017 dated 28/08/2017 and Circular No.37/2017 dated 20-09-2017 View file
TF 09/2017 28-09-2017 Import of articles of food under FSSAI Regulation 2017 dated 09/03/2017 View file
TF 10/2017 28-09-2017 Addressing issues consequent to introduction of Late charges for delayed filing of Bill of Entry View file
TF 08 2017 19-07-2017 Board Circular 29/2017 customs dated 17/07/2017 on the operational problems being faced by EOU in GST regime consequent to amendment in Notfn 52/2003 Cus dated 31-03-2003 View file
TF 06 2017 07-07-2017 Board Instruction No.10/2017 –Customs. dated 06.07.2017 on GSTIN requirement for the purpose of Import and Export View file
TF 07 2017 07-07-2017 Board Circular No.2/2/2017 -GST dated 04.07.2017 on issues related to furnishing of Bond/Letter of Undertaking for Exports View file
TF 05 2017 28-06-2017 GST roll-out and preparation thereof –reg View file
TF 04 2017 19-06-2017 Facility for Online Generation of Rotation Number by Shipping Lines/Agents and the revised Procedure for the Manual filing and processing of Bills of Entry/ Shipping Bills View file
TF 02 2017 16-06-2017 Extraordinary Gazette Notification regarding the Import of Livestock Products through seaport or airports at Kochi regarding View file
TF 03 2017 16-06-2017 Health certificate for the importation of Dried Curry Leaves into the European Union from India View file
TF 01 2017 03-05-2017 Board Circular No 14/2017 -Cus dated 11.04.2017 on delayed , incomplete or incorrect filing of Import Manifest or Import Report View file