Government functions with the help of taxes collected from citizens and business entities. However, a lot of Government revenue is lost through evasion.
To enhance the detection of evasion, Government has framed the system of rewards to the people who help in the detection of tax evasion.
The following are a few guidelines for the people who would like to help detection of Customs/Central Excise Duty/Drawback /Service Tax evasion/frauds.

Under the existing Rewards Scheme, Government of India grants handsome rewards to informers who provide specific information leading to seizure of goods, currency, bullion or leads to detection of duty evasion including wrong declaration of quantity, description, value etc.

Manner of providing Information

An Information is any useful message received from the public or any person for that matter revealing fraudulent evasion of duty. It is the message based on which the department officials conduct further enquiry and investigation leading to seizure/ detention.

An Information has to be given in writing addressed to the Head of the department.

An Information should contain details of the evasion known, such as name & address of the firm, method adopted for the evasion, the persons responsible and other relevant details.

Reward scheme to the Informer has been extended to the cases of recovery from Tax Defaulters.

Reward is admissible to an informer who gives informati regarding the whereabouts, assets, immovable properti etc. of persons from whom arrears of duty, tax, fine, penalt etc. are to be realised and the information results in recover of arrears up to a maximum of 5% of the amount recovered.

For details and further conditions of Reward Policy, relevant circulars available at various Customs and Central Excise websites may be referred to

In case you have any specific information to give , you can :-

In all cases your name and identity will be kept absolutely confidential

Information submitted in person or in writing would only be considered for grant of reward.


Superintendent (SIIB),
Custom House,
Wellingdon Island,
Cochin 682009
Phone: +91 484 2666100 or 2666422 (24x7)
email : siib[at]cochincustoms[dot]gov[dot]in

If the information pertains to Cochin International Airport or Cochin Air Cargo Complex you may contact :-

Superintendent (Air Intelligence Unit),
Cochin International Airport,
Phone: +91 484 2610074 or 9947717800
email : aiu[at]cochincustoms[dot]gov[dot]in