Visiting Crafts


  1. The Master of the Yacht should report to the Customs Officer at Fort Cochin Wharf immediately on arrival in port and also before departure (Telephone No: Fort Cochin Wharf – 0484-2216984.

  2. During Customs Boarding, all relevant details should be furnished truly and correctly in the prescribed forms. The Master should produce the passports of the crew and passengers for verification by Customs. The Crew/Passenger list shall be in quadruplicate-two copies for Customs and one copy each certified by the Customs Boarding Officer for Port and Immigration.

  3. After boarding by Customs the Master of the vessel should report to the Deputy Conservator's Office, Cochin Port Trust. This office is in the main building of Cochin Port Trust in Willingdon Island. Entry Certificate is issued from there.

  4. With the Entry Certificate the Master should approach Import & Bond Department in Custom House situated just next to Port Trust Office for completing Customs formalities on entry. The Master will have to hand over the original Registration Document of the yacht there which will be returned to the Master at the time of sailing. Then he has to proceed to Port Registration office (Immigration) with necessary documents including copy of crew/passenger list certified by Customs Boarding Officer. The Immigration Office is opposite to Cochin Harbour Terminus Railway Station in Willingdon Island (Telephone No: 0484-2666027).

  5. Prior permission should be obtained from Superintendent of Customs (SIIB) at Custom House, Cochin.

    • for shifting the yacht to any new position in the harbour, (Prior permission from port is also necessary)
    • for carrying out any repairs to the yacht,
    • for taking out any part of fittings of the vessel for repairs or any other purpose
    • for any member of the Crew/Passenger to disembark at Cochin or any new Passenger/Crew to embark at Cochin
    • for taking any bunkers or stores in excess to their requirements in the port

  6. The Master of the yacht may also take notice that if the stay of the yacht in the port is extended beyond a reasonable period, duty is liable to be imposed on all the consumable stores on board at the time of arrival of the yacht.

  7. Disembarking Crew/Passenger should obtain Currency Declaration Form(CDF) from Customs.
    • where the value of foreign currency notes exceeds US$ 5000/ or equivalent
    • currency notes, bank notes, traveller cheques etc. exceeds US$ 10,000/- or its equivalent
    As per Foreign Exchange Management (Export and Import of Currency) Regulations,2000

  8. Non observance of the above instructions or violation of any provisions of the Customs Act, 1962 will invoke penalty/prosecution under the said Act.

  9. Before sailing from Cochin Port the Master of the yacht should obtain clearance from the Port and Immigration before approaching the Import & Bond Department at the Custom House for Customs Clearance.